The Draw for the Preliminary and First Rounds of the 2017-18 Boodles ISFA Cup took place on Tuesday 16th May.

Schools are asked to agree match dates and kick-off times and communicate these details to ISFA by no later than 15th June 2017.


Wednesday 13th September
Berkhamsted v. Bournemouth Collegiate 3.00
Lingfield College v. Trinity 3.00
Merchant Taylors (Crosby) v. Cheadle Hulme 2.00
RGS Worcester v. Box Hill 2.15

Tuesday 19th September
Sevenoaks v. ACS Cobham 3.00

Wednesday 20th September
Haberdashers' Aske's v. Bedales 2.30
Kingston GS v. Sherborne 3.00
Oswestry v. Stockport GS 2.30
Radnor House v. Harrodian 2.30

Thursday 21st September 
ACS Hillingdon v. Dover College 3.15
Truro v. Taunton 2.00

Saturday 23rd September
Brooke House v. Norwich 2.00
Wellington v. Canford 2.30


Thursday 14th September
Highgate v. Bristol GS 2.30

Tuesday 19th September
Ibstock Place v. Ardingly 2.30

Wednesday 20th September
Merchant Taylors (Crosby) or Cheadle Hulme v. Colfe's 11.00 IF CHS win preliminary round
John Lyon v. Aldenham 2.00
University College School v. Millfield 2.00

Thursday 21st September 
Eton v. Hurstpierpoint 2.30

Monday 25th September 
Brooke House or Norwich v. Berkhamsted or Bournemouth Collegiate 3.00 If Norwich and Bournemouth win preliminary round
City of London v. Bedford Modern 2.00

Tuesday 26th September
Alleyn’s v. St. John’s, Leatherhead 4.30
Bede's v. RGS Guildford 3.00
Bradfield College v. King’s Edward, Witley 3.30  
Brooke House or Norwich v. Berkhamsted or Bournemouth Collegiate 3.00 If Berkhamsted win preliminary round against both Brooke House or Norwich 2.00
Sevenoaks or ACS Cobham v. Wolverhampton GS If Sevenoaks win Preliminary Round

Shrewsbury v. Winchester 4.15
Westminster v. Hampton 2.30

Wednesday 27th September
Bolton v. Trinity or Lingfield College 2.00 If Lingfield or Trinity win preliminary round 
Brighton College v. Kimbolton 4.00

Charterhouse v. King’s School, Chester 4.15
Forest v. RGS Newcastle 1.00 
Grammar School at Leeds v. Chigwell 2.00
Grange v. Royal Russell 2.30
Haberdashers' Aske's or Bedales v. St. Bede's College 2.30 If Habs or Bedales win preliminary round
Manchester GS v. Birkdale 2.00
Oldham Hulme GS v. Kingston GS or Sherborne If Kingston GS win preliminary round 
Queen Ethelburga's v. Repton 2.15
Radnor House or Harrodian v. Tonbridge If Harrodian win preliminary round

RGS Worcester or Box Hill v. Lancing 2.30 
Sevenoaks or ACS Cobham v. Wolverhampton GS 2.15 If ACS Cobham win preliminary round

Thursday 28th September
ACS Hillingdon or Dover College v. Bury GS Kick off 2.30 if ACS win preliminary round or 11am if Dover win preliminary round
Dulwich v. LVS Ascot 3.30
Harrow v. Brentwood 2.45

Truro or Taunton v. Latymer Upper If Truro win preliminary round
Wellington or Canford v. Oswestry or Stockport GS 

Whitgift v. St. Columba's College 4.45

Saturday 30th September
Truro or Taunton v. Latymer Upper If Taunton win preliminary round



These matches to be played by no later than 30th September
Recommended midweek period is 26th-28th Sept.

Merchant Taylors (Crosby) or Cheadle Hulme v. Colfe's
Brooke House or Norwich v. Berkhamsted or Bournemouth Collegiate
Oldham Hulme GS v. Kingston GS or Sherborne


Preliminary Round matches to be played by 23rd September 2017
First Round matches to be played by 30th September 2017
   (Recommended midweek period for 1st Round: 26th-28th Sept.)
Second Round matches to be played by 14th October 2017
   (Recommended midweek period: 10th-12th Oct.)
Third Round matches to be played by 18th November 2017
   (Recommended midweek period: 14th-16th Nov.)
Fourth Round matches to be played by 9th December 2017
Semi-Finals to be played by 3rd February 2018


Spectators are always advised to check kick-off times with the home school before travelling. 

Most schools welcome spectators wishing to attend ISFA Cup matches. However, spectators who are not parents or connected to the home school are reminded that schools are private property. Please contact the school in advance to ascertain the specific procedures that are in place. 

Spectators are reminded that schools must take great care with security and need to know who is visiting the school and for what purpose. Spectators are therefore asked to co-operate with this understandable need for security.











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Major Dates for Season 2017-18 will appear here in due course