ISFA has announced a number of amendment to the Tournament Rules for ISFA Cup Competitions in the 2016-17 Season.


Transfer between schools: No player may play for more than one school in the tournament in the same season.


Except in exceptional circumstances, any school refusing or failing to fulfil a fixture will be suspended from future participation in the tournament for a period of not less than one year.  (For further information on this, please click here)

Any school choosing to book overnight accommodation prior to an away fixture is responsible for informing the home school of these arrangements and of any deadlines in place for cancellation of such a booking should the match be postponed.


In the event of the pitch conditions preventing the playing of the game by the closing date for the round, the game must be played during the following midweek period or on the next available day that pitch conditions permit (whichever is the earliest).  In the event that the home school pitch is unavailable, then the match will be played on one of the following, the final decision resting with ISFA: 

(i) the ground of the team drawn away 
(ii) a neutral ground arranged by I.S.F.A. 


In the event of an appointed official, whether referee or assistant referee, not arriving at the ground for the match, both schools must agree on a mutually acceptable replacement


The ISFA Executive Committee has made the following addition to the Tournament Rules for Season 2016-17:

"Except in exceptional circumstances, any school refusing or failing to fulfil a fixture will be suspended from future participation in the tournament for a period of not less than one year".

Withdrawals used to be rare, almost unheard of, but they have occurred with more frequency during Season 2015-16.

ISFA believes that the overwhelming majority of participating schools regard ISFA Cup competitions as highly prestigious and one of the highlights of the season.  A home Draw in particular creates great interest and enthusiasm.  Furthermore, schools enter these competitions in order to play matches, not to receive walkovers.

In the opinion of ISFA:

It is necessary protect the tournaments and also the competing schools from the small minority of schools who feel they can withdraw as soon as fulfilling a fixture becomes inconvenient 

Such withdrawals diminish the image, prestige and importance of the competitions

It is necessary to protect schools and their pupils who look forward with great excitement to ISFA Cup matches, only to find that their opponents are not prepared to fulfil the fixture.

Withdrawals are insulting to tournament sponsors (where appropriate), who invest considerable sums of money into independent schools football and deserve more respect for their generosity.

That all schools  entering these tournaments should commit fulfilling their fixtures and that schools not prepared to make such a commitment should not enter these competitions in the first place.

That in enforcing this rule, ISFA is acting in the best interests of the overwhelming majority of competing schools.

Where schools are uncertain as to whether they can meet their commitments by fulfilling fixtures on time, they are asked not enter the tournament.




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