QEGS make history – the first school to win the Cup twice 

The 2001 Final had no favourites and promised to be one of the closest ever – and so it turned out with both Brentwood and QEGS having spells on top. QEGS took the lead with an early strike from Marcus Hedley and proceeded to dominate the first 20 minutes of the game, Javeed Mohammed marking Brentwood star Winothai very tightly. However, in the period leading up to half-time, Brentwood came increasingly into the game with striker Daryl Selby a constant threat. 

Early in the second half Winothai was upended and Selby put away the penalty to equalise and it was anybody’s game. 11 minutes from the end Chris Porter headed home a cross from the left to give QEGS the Cup for the second time, the first school to achieve this feat. 

Q.E.G.S.: A.Guy, J.Mohammad, A.Beardsworth, R. Coar, M.Hedley, P.MacMahon (sub: M.Naqvi), J.Nicol (Sub: D. Pickup), J.West (capt.), S.Maclean, C.Porter, J.Tootell (sub: J.Holden). 
Brentwood: T.Karim, C.Bond, B.Allen, P.Harlow, D.Ward, J.Harrison (sub: A.Smith), E.Bowler, D.Paterek, P.Barker, D.Selby (capt.), T.Winothai. 
Scorers: Q.E.G.S.: Hedley, Porter. Brentwood: Selby (pen). 

Referee: Mr. P. Jones (Loughborough). 
Attendance: 989 
Guest of Honour: Mr. Gary Newbon (Carlton Television, ITV Sport). 
Venue: Filbert Street, Leicester City FC 

Action from the 2001 Final including Daryl Selby's penalty for Brentwood 

The 2000-01 season saw four new entrants – Dover College, Emanuel School, St. Bede’s School (Hailsham) and St. Mary’s College (Crosby), bringing the total participating schools to 42. Sadly, none of these schools managed a victory on their debut and it was Aldenham, a school which had not traditionally enjoyed much success in the competition, took the early plaudits, winning through two rounds for the first time ever. 

Bury GS looked ominously strong from the start, winning 5-0 away at Batley GS in the First Round and late winning at Manchester GS in the Third Round. The most exciting match of the season occurred in the Third Round at Millfield where visitors Bradfield came from behind three times to force a 4-4 draw before winning the penalties. Star player of the tournament, at least until the Final, was Brentwood’s Teeratep Winothai, a Thailand schoolboy international on Crystal Palace’s books, scoring 8 goals in the 4 games he played leading up to the Final. 

In the semi-finals, Brentwood were always in control at home to St. Bede’s College, winning 2-0 to reach the Final at last having previously lost three semi-finals, two of them on penalties. In the other semi-final, after 100 minutes of goalless football, Bury GS finally looked on the point of reaching the Final when they were awarded a penalty in the last minute of extra-time. Dramatically, QEGS reserve keeper, 15 year-old Stephen Jones, saved the kick and forced the game into a penalty shoot-out which QEGS won 4-2. 


First Round: 

Aldenham 3 Forest 3 aet (Aldenham won 5-4 on pens) 
Batley GS 0 Bury GS 5 
Brentwood 3 Shrewsbury 0 
Kimbolton 0 Charterhouse 1 
KES Witley Manchester GS 6 
King’s, Chester 0 QEGS Blackburn 2 
Latymer Upper 2 City of London 0 
Malvern 3 Wellingborough 0 
St. Bede’s, Manchester 3 John Lyon 0 
St. Edmund’s, Cantab. 2 Ardingly 5 

Second Round: 
Aldenham 1 Winchester 0 
Alleyn’s 0 Charterhouse 2 
Ardingly 1 Repton 1 aet (Ardingly won 5-3 on pens) 
Emanuel 0 Brentwood 4 
Eton 6 Grange 0 
Haileybury 2 Millfield 3 
Hampton 2 St. Mary’s, Crosby 0 
Hulme GS 1 Highgate 0 
Latymer Upper 2 Victoria College, Jersey 0 
Malvern 0 Bolton 2 
Oswestry 0 Bradfield 4 
QEGS Blackburn 2 Lancing 0 
St. Bede’s, Hailsham 1 Bury GS 2 
St. Bede’s, Manchester 3 Dover College 1 
Westminster 0 Manchester GS 3 
Wolverhampton GS 2 Chigwell 0 

Third Round: 
Chrterhouse 3 Brentwood 4 
Eton 2 Hulme GS 0 
Latymer Upper 1 Hampton 1 aet (Latymer Upper won 4-2 on pens) 
Manchester GS 1 Bury GS 2 
Millfield 4 Bradfield 4 aet (Bradfield won 4-2 on pens) 
St. Bede’s, Manchester 4 Aldenham 0 
QEGS Blackburn 1 Ardingly 1 aet (QEGS won 7-6 on pens) 
Wolverhampton GS 3 Bolton 1 

Fourth Round: 
Bradfield 1 Brentwood 3 
Bury GS 2 Latymer Upper 0 
QEGS Blackburn 8 Eton 0 
Wolverhampton GS 1 St. Bede’s, Manchester 2 

Brentwood 2 St. Bede’s, Manchester 0 
QEGS Blackburn 0 Bury GS 0 aet (QEGS won 4-2 on pens) 

QEGS Blackburn 2 Brentwood 1 

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