QEGS win their third title after a thrilling comeback and a dramatic last minute equaliser 

Millfield made an excellent start when Luke Shaw hammered home a 20 yard drive to give Millfield the lead after just 3 minutes, a goal that was to win the Chris Saunders Award for the Godlen Moment in the Match 

Millfield continued to dominate, scoring a second on 31 minutes when a free-kick near the corner flag was headed home by Kyle Follett. QEGS looked out of sorts and a one-sided final looked on the cards. 

However QEGS came out for the second half a different side and Mark Fletcher headed home a free-kick. 

Now it was QEGS on top as Millfield looked a pale shadow of the side they were in the first half. However, it looked as though they had weathered the storm as the game went into the three minutes of added time allotted. Then, as the clock clicked up to time, a through ball was played into the box and substitute Ross Hawthornthwaite collided with Millfield keeper Brooke and then made himself a hero by slotting home the loose ball for the equaliser with barely a few seconds left. 

There were chances at both ends in extra-time but no further scoring. Millfield blasted their first penalty high over the bar and, with all the remaining kicks being scored, QEGS took the cup back to Blackburn for the third time after a truly memorable Final. 

QEGS Blackburn: F. Fielding, N. Fielding, M. Sharples, M. Fletcher, J. Dunne (sub: O. Dent), N. Pearson (sub: R. Benson), M. Grindrod, G. Jones (sub: R. Hawthornthwaite), R. Woods, N. Nelson, J. O'Keefe. 
Millfield: B. Brooke, L. Wilson, K. Follett, J. Cook, L. Shaw, A. Kirkham, A. Turner, A. Zaranis, J. Cinicola (sub: S. Bird), J. Llewellyn, L. Irish.. 
Scorers: QEGS: Fletcher, Hawthornthwaite; Millfield: Shaw, Follett. 

Referee: Mr. S. Bennett (Kent). 
Attendance: 1,108 
Chris Saunders Golden Moment: Luke Shaw (Opening Goal) 
Guest of Honour: Mark Palios (Chief Executive of the Football Association) 
Venue: Walkers Stadium, Leicester City FC 

The King's School, Ely, made their debut in the tournament in 2003-04 but were unfortunate to be drawn away to eventual champions QEGS in their first match, a baptism of fire indeed! Otherwise the tournament was a low-key one, with a disappointing number of one-sided matches, including the later stages. There were few outstanding sides and the best two teams unquestionably contested the Final, both QEGS and Millfield both enjoying a series of comfortable victories in their way. Millfield were taken to extra-time by Shrewsbury but were otherwise untroubled and did not concede their first goal of the tournament until the second half of the cup final. The highlight of QEGS' cup run was a 4-0 thrashing of old rivals (and cup holders) Bolton, achieved at Bolton. 


First Round:
Alleyn’s 2 City of London 1 
Kimbolton 3 Brentwood 4 aet 
Latymer Upper 4 St. Edmund’s, Cantab. 1 
Malvern 7 Dover College 1 
Millfield 3 Bradfield 0 
St. Mary’s, Crosby 0 QEGS Blackburn 3 
Westminster 0 Shrewsbury 3 
Winchester 2 Chigwell 1 
Wolverhampton GS 2 John Lyon 0 

Second Round: 
Aldenham 1 Grange 4 
Ardingly 1 Alleyn’s 1 aet (Alleyn’s won 3-1 on pens) 
Charterhouse 1 Manchester GS 0 
Eton 2 Wellingborough 0 
Forest 1 Wolverhampton GS 0 
Hampton 0 Bolton 2 
Highgate 0 Brentwood 2 
King’s, Chester 0 Millfield 2 
Malvern 2 Haileybury 2 aet (Malvern won 4-2 on pens) 
Repton 9 Oswestry 0 
Lancing 1 Hulme GS 1 aet (Lancing won 5-3 on pens) 
Latymer Upper 1 St. Bede’s, Manchester 2 aet 
QEGS Blackburn 6 King’s, Ely 0 
St. Bede’s, Hailsham 2 Bury GS 1 
Shrewsbury 4 Birkdale 0 
Winchester 6 KES Witley 3 

Third Round: 
Bolton 0 QEGS Blackburn 4 
Eton 2 Charterhouse 1 
Forest 4 Alleyn’s 0 
Grange 0 Brentwood 3 
Malvern 2 Lancing 1 
St. Bede’s, Manchester 3 St. Bede’s, Hailsham 1 
Shrewsbury 0 Millfield 2 aet 
Winchester 1 Repton 6 

Fourth Round: 
Eton 1 QEGS Blackburn 3 
Repton 1 Forest 0 
St. Bede’s, Manchester 1 Brentwood 2 
Millfield 7 Malvern 0 

Brentwood 0 Millfield 5 played at Charterhouse 
QEGS Blackburn 4 Repton 0 

QEGS Blackburn 2 Millfield 2 aet (QEGS won 5-4 on pens) 

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