First Win for Royal Russell

Royal Russell and Millfield created an exciting and tense ISFA Boodles Cup Final. Both teams started the final brightly, passing the ball through the thirds and creating opportunities to take the lead. Walker of Millfield came close, shooting across the keeper from a wide position but it was just wide of the back post. In the 26th minute it was Royal Russell who took the lead with some fantastic play from Weller and Norrington-Davis, who crossed the ball into the box resulting in it being deflect into the back of the net by a Millfield defender. Millfield reacted well with some fantastic attacking play, particularly down the left-hand side through Ardron. In the 30th minute Ardron did well to put in an excellent cross which was headed towards goal by Samuel. Greentwood, Royal Russell keeper, did well to keep the ball out but Tenientes was quick to react slotting home the re-bound into the bottom left hand corner bringing Millfield back level.

Royal Russell maintained their tempo in the second half and were quickly rewarded five minutes in when Obazee calmly slotted home after beating the Millfield centre back. Millfield reacted quickly coming close minutes later but the Royal Russell defence worked hard to keep them at bay. Royal Russell's confidence grew as the half went on and they created many more attacking opportunities but failed to capitalise. Millfield continued to press until the final whistle but were unable to break down the solid Royal Russell defence, who celebrated as the final whistle blew, claiming a 2-1 victory and their first Boodles ISFA Cup Title.

All photographs of the Final are courtesy of RWT Photography. These and other photographs of the match and the post-match presentations, along with the match DVD, can be ordered from www.rwt-photography.co.uk or by ringing 01733 204445.

Royal Russell: L. Greenwood, M. O’Donoghue, R. Norrington-Davies (capt), M. Weller, M. Penn-Kekana, B. Linter, J. Sims, P. Ogunmekan, R. Doherty, S. Johnson, L. Shango.  Subs: A. Hewitt, R. Obazee, D. Davis, N. Wilson, D. O’Rourke.
Millfield: M. Price, O. Light, S. Cunningham, C. Pike, M. McGlinchey (capt), T. Tenientes, P. Stein, D. Walker, M. Samuel, H. Ardron, H. Lee.  Subs: F. Francis, A. Eckland, C. Leelavichitchai, J. Hunter-Lees, N. Martins.
Scorers: oyal Russell: Pike (og), Obazee.  Millfield: Tenientes. .
Referee: Mr. M. Atkinson (Yorkshire).
Attendance: 1,046.
Guest of Honour: Bob Cotter (Board Member of The Football Association)

Bournemouth Collegiate 3 Lingfield Notre Dame 1; Frensham Heights 3 Box Hill 0; Haberdashers' Aske's 5 RGS Guildford 0; Harrodian 7 Dover College 0; Kingston GS 1 ACS Cobham 4; Merchant Taylors (Crosby) 3 Grange 1; Queen Ethelburga's College 2 Cheadle Hulme 3; Radnor House 2 Trinity 6; RGS Worcester 1 John Lyon 0; Sevenoaks 3 St. John's, Leatherhead 0; Sherborne 1 Berkhamsted 3 aet; St. John's College, Southsea 0 Hurstpierpoint 6; Taunton 4 Bedales 3 aet.

Aldenham 4 Brooke House College 3 aet; Ardingly 11 LVS Ascot 0; Bedford Modern 0 Alleyn's 7; Bede's 5 Sevenoaks 1; Berkhamsted 4 Trinity 3 aetBirkdale 1 Brentwood 9; Bolton 0 Whitgift 0 aet (Whitgift won 4-1 on penalties)Bury GS 3 Grammar School at Leeds 1; Canford 4 Malvern 0; Charterhouse 6 Latymer Upper 2; Frensham Heights 0 Wolverhampton GS 3; Harrodian 5 RGS Worcester 1; Harrow 6 St. Columba's College 1; Highgate 5 Haileybury 3 aetHurstpierpoint 1 Chigwell 4; Ibstock Place 3 Bournemouth Collegiate 0; King Edward's Witley 1 Kimbolton 3; King's School, Chester 2  Manchester GS 2 aet (King's School won 5-4 on penalties)Lancing 2 ACS Cobham 1 AET; Millfield 2 Bradfield 2 aet (Millfield won 5-4 on penalties)Norwich 0 Cheadle Hulme 3; Oldham Hulme GS 1 Hampton 7; RGS Newcastle 1 City of London 3; Royal Russell 4 Colfe's 1; Shrewsbury 5 University College School 0; St. Bede's College, Manchester 4 Westminster 1; Stockport GS 3 Merchant Taylors (Crosby) 3 aet (Merchant Taylors won 5-4 on penalties)Tonbridge 4 Haberdashers' Aske's 1; Taunton 0 Eton 10; Truro 0 Forest 6; Wellington 0 Repton 8; Winchester 5 Dulwich 2

Aldenham 4 Ardingly 4 aet (Aldenham won 4-2 on penalties); Alleyn's 2 King's School, Chester 1; Brentwood 0 Royal Russell 2; Bury GS 1 Ibstock Place 0; Canford 5 Shrewsbury 7 aetCheadle Hulme 1 Bede's 1 aet (Cheadle Hulme won 4-2 on penalties); City of London 5 Harrodian 4; Eton 1 Lancing 0; Forest 4 Winchester 3; Hampton 6 St. Bede's College, Manchester 1; Harrow 3 Whitgift 1; Kimbolton 3 Berkhamsted 2; Millfield 5 Chigwell 1; Merchant Taylors, Crosby 3 Charterhouse 5; Repton 5 Highgate 1; Wolverhampton GS 1 Tonbridge 3.

Cheadle Hulme 1 Royal Russell 3; Eton 3 Harrow 0; Forest 4 Kimbolton 1; Hampton 5 Aldenham 1; Millfield 3 Alleyn's 1; Repton 9 Bury GS 1; Shrewsbury 3 City of London 2; Tonbridge 1 Charterhouse 5.

Eton 0 Millfield 4; Forest 0 Hampton 1 aet; Royal Russell 1 Charterhouse 1 aet (Royal Russell won 3-1 on penalties); Shrewsbury 2 Repton 1

Hampton 0 Royal Russell 1; Millfield 3 Shrewsbury 3 aet (Millfield won 9-8 on penalties).

Royal Russell 2 Millfield 1 (at MK Dons FC)

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