Priory V. Chigwell

Thursday 26th April (6.00)
The FA National Football Centre, St. George's Park

Directions to St. George's Park can be found  here

SPECTATORS: There is a covered stand, with seats, alongside the pitch. There will be no charge for admission to this match.

POST MATCH MEAL TICKETS: Parents and other spectators who would like to join the players for the post-match meal should apply to ISFA for a meal ticket.  However, unfortunately parents will have to pay for these tickets as there is a limit to the amount of free meals that ISFA can afford!  These tickets are available to anyone but are particularly aimed at parents, families, etc.  Each ticket will cost £12 (including postage/packing). These tickets can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope and cheque, made payable to “ISFA Ltd.”, ISFA, 6 Rectory Road, Loughborough, LE11 1PL. Price £12. Please also include any dietary requirements. All orders for meal tickets must be received by Friday 20th April at the absolute latest so that catering numbers for food can be given to St. George’s Park.  No bookings can be taken after this date because the catering order has to be given in advance and ISFA has to pay for food ordered.  Tickets will be sent out by post approximately 7-10 days before the match.  Parents are asked to appreciate that applications will definitely close on 20th April – if they leave it too late they will miss out.


Spectators are always advised to check kick-off times with the home school before travelling. 

Most schools welcome spectators wishing to attend ISFA Cup matches. However, spectators who are not parents or connected to the home school are reminded that schools are private property. Please contact the school in advance to ascertain the specific procedures that are in place. 

Spectators are reminded that schools must take great care with security and need to know who is visiting the school and for what purpose. Spectators are therefore asked to co-operate with this understandable need for security.





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