60 years after it was first held in 1957, the 2017 Complete Sports Solutions ISFA Sixes was hosted by one of ISFA’s most historic schools, Charterhouse who organised the occasion with flourish.  28 schools competed in four groups of 7 teams.  As usual there were a number of surprise results but, in the end, it was the big names who came out on top in the Cup.

Amongst the less traditional names, Brighton College performed outstandingly well to reach the quarter-finals, competing for the first time in any ISFA tournament.  Similarly Oswestry, returning to the competition after a gap of many years, excelled in defeating big names Dulwich, Shrewsbury and Charterhouse to lift the Plate competition.  Queen Ethelburga’s, also tournament debutants, also qualified for the Plate competition.

Group A proved a three-way fight between Royal Russell, Forest and Shrewsbury with Shrewsbury eventually missing out on the Cup competition, despite having defeated Forest.  Group B was also a battle between three teams, undefeated Hampton finishing convincingly on top but Brighton only pipping Oswestry to a Cup spot by one spot.

Bradfield were the only school to win all their group matches, topping Group C with Bede’s comfortably filling the second spot.  King Edward’s, Witley were unfortunate to miss out on a Plate spot on goals scored after finishing level on points with Dulwich.  Finally, in Group D, Repton finished on top though they missed out on a 100% record when they slipped up to second placed Bolton.

In the Quarter-Finals, Brighton’s mighty effort finally came to an end when they went down to a single goal by mighty Bradfield – a fine effort indeed – and Forest surprised Repton 3-0.  Royal Russell and Bede’s both enjoyed two goal victories.  The semis produced two three goal wins for Royal Russell and Bradfield respectively.

The Sixes Final can sometimes be something of a damp squib, with both sides tiring after the exertions of the day.  In contrast, however, this match was a fine advertisement for ISFA football with both sides playing some excellent football in driving rain.  There was little to choose between the two teams and, as the game moved into the second half, it increasingly became clear that taking chances was to be crucial.  Bradfield missed a fine opportunity mid-way through the half and then, a minute later, Adam Aziz stormed down the left for Royal Russell and scored wonderful individual goal to clinch the trophy for his school for the second year in succession.


QUARTER-FINALS: Royal Russell 2 Bolton 0; Hampton 0 Bede’s 2; Bradfield 1 Brighton 0; Repton 0 Forest 3
SEMI-FINALS; Royal Russell 3 Bede’s 0 ; Bradfield 3 Forest 0
FINAL: Royal Russell 1 Bradfield 0

QUARTER-FINALS: Shrewsbury 2 Queen Ethelburga’s 1; Oswestry 3 Dulwich 1; Alleyn’s 0 Charterhouse 2; City of London 0 Manchester GS 0 (CoL won 6-5 on pens)
SEMI-FINALS: Shrewsbury 0 Oswestry 2; Charterhouse 1 City of London 0
FINAL: Oswestry 2 Charterhouse 1


Date Cup Winners Plate Winners
1957 Malvern Brentwood
1958 Repton Bolton
1959 Bolton Malvern
1960 Bolton Hulme GS
1961 Malvern Latymer Upper
1962 No Tournament No Tournament
1963 Bolton Latymer Upper
1964 Wolverhampton GS Newport GS
1965 Manchester GS Peter Symonds
1966 Wolverhampton GS St. John's Southsea
1967 QEGS Blackburn Winchester
1968 No Tournament No Tournament
1969 Bolton Latymer Upper
1970 Bolton Eton
1971 QEGS Blackburn Alleyn's
1972 Bury GS QEGS Blackburn
1973 QEGS Blackburn King's Chester
1974 Bolton QEGS Blackburn
1975 Forest Shrewsbury
1976 Shrewsbury Wolverhampton GS
1977 Hulme GS, Oldham Shrewsbury
1978 QEGS Blackburn Repton
1979 No Tournament No Tournament
1980 Hulme GS Ardingly
1981 No Tournament No Tournament
1982 No Tournament No Tournament
1983 Chigwell King's Chester
1984 Bolton Chigwell
1985 Shrewsbury Wellingborough
1986 QEGS Blackburn Hampton
1987 Manchester GS Wolverhampton GS
1988 Hulme GS, Oldham Wolverhampton GS
1989 Manchester GS Alleyn's
1990 No Tournament No Tournament
1991 No Tournament No Tournament
1992 Forest Chigwell
1993 Brentwood Shrewsbury
1994 Wolverhampton GS Hampton
1995 Hampton Brentwood
1996 Wolverhampton GS Hampton
1997 Latymer Upper Aldenham
1998 Repton Bradfield
1999 Bolton Manchester GS
2000 No Tournament No Tournament
2001 Brentwood Hampton
2002 Bolton Millfield
2003 Charterhouse Latymer Upper
2004 St. Bede's College Bradfield
2005 Brentwood St. Bede's College
2006 Millfield Hulme GS, Oldham
2007 St. Bede's College Bolton
2008 Millfield Aldenham
2009 Bradfield Ardingly
2010 Repton Bradfield
2011 St. Bede's School Oldham Hulme GS
2012 Bede's St. Bede's College
2013 Ardingly Manchester GS
2014 Bradfield Bolton
2015 Repton Manchester GS
2016 Royal Russell Manchester GS
2017 Royal Russell Oswestry

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