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Beechwood Park was proud to welcome Kingshott and Edge Grove U9s to our wonderful playing fields and to host their very first ISFA Junior Hub School festivals.

The first festival provided an afternoon of game play for all U9 boys against opposition where the aim of the afternoon is to have FUN, be inclusive and to do our best without keeping score. The boys all played in a number of small-sided games where they could express themselves, practice their skills without the pressure of a score line, and get as many touches on the ball as possible on small pitches. All the boys enjoyed themselves and in true "Beechwoodian" style joined together as one at the end to celebrate their fun afternoon.

Shortly afterwards Beechwood hosted their second ISFA Junior Hub School festival with the order of the day was: to have FUN, to play a number of small-sided games without pressure of keeping score and to express yourself. The boys kept their end of the bargain with some excellent skills on display from both teams and a willingness to enjoy themselves was clearly evident. Starting with some 4 v 4 games was an another exciting challenge for the boys as it meant they could get loads of touches on the ball in a short space of time and remain active throughout their game; much more fun we think. Well done to everyone involved.

Beechwood hosted their third ISFA Junior Hub School festival in November where they were pleased to welcome Heath Mount on what was an action packed afternoon filled with smiles.

They have found that all three events allowed the boys (and hopefully girls in the near future) to enjoy themselves and learn through their actions and game play. Beechwood, as many environments do, encourage this type of learning and feel it gives their pupils the best opportunities to play in a child-centred way, as well as the opportunity to learn through experience. By placing no emphasis on winning or losing Beechwood encourage expression without fear of failure. The chatter around a snack afterwards only indicates more that they just enjoy playing lots of games and having a biscuit together afterwards: long may it continue.

Next year Beechwood are looking forward to hosting more budding footballers from more schools to join in the fun. 

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