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Each season ISFA receives a number of requests from schools seeking permission to play matches after the deadline date for the round.

The attention of all schools is drawn to the following.

All schools must be treated the same. If ISFA agrees to an extension for one school, then it must agree to other schools’ requests also. How many days is reasonable? 2-3 days?? – then 2-3 days becomes the effective deadline and people then start asking for 4-5 days, etc., etc.  From past experience, once ISFA goes down that route, an ever increasing number of “special case” extensions will be requested by schools on a regular basis for each round of our competitions.  In the interests of the majority of schools, ISFA does not wish to go down this route.

For the above reasons ISFA made a firm decision many years ago that deadlines would be kept to and extensions would not be granted.  Feedback from schools suggests that this has been an extremely popular rule with the majority of schools.  ISFA is often congratulated on keeping to it and ensuring that competitions run to schedule so that schools know where they stand and subsequent rounds are not delayed as a result of schools having failed to play their matches on time.

Schools are asked not to request an extension.  The answer will be no.  Otherwise ISFA will be widely (and correctly) criticised for abandoning its rule and also receive complaints from  schools who have been refused permission in the past, who will want to know why other schools are being treated differently.

A disproportionate number of requests for extensions come from schools where football is not the main sport.  Please note that if your school is unable to meet the commitments of the tournament, then the solution is that you should not enter.  It is not acceptable to expect your school to be given special exemption from the rules.


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