The safety standards that cover football goals were overhauled at the end of 2018 and a new standard introduced, covering all goals under 21ftx7ft in size.  This new standards - BSEN16579 - is now in force.

For further information and an offer from ISFA's Officially Approved Goalpost Supplier, please click here.

All schools are strongly urged to take heed of The Football Association's guidelines on goalpost safety. 

Metal cup hooks, the metal fittings sometimes used to attach nets to goalposts, have been banned since the start of the 2007-08 season.  Nets must be attached with tape or plastic clips.  Metal hooks cause horrific injuries, with fingers and shins getting lacerated. 

The attention of all schools is drawn to the FA Guidelines on Goalpost Safety

All ISFA schools must ensure that they comply with the Guidelines laid down by the Football Association. 

Funding for replacement goals is available via the Football Foundation and eligibility criteria and further details can be obtained on their web site at www.footballfoundation.org.uk.

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