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ISFA regards its main national tournaments as its elite competitions at each age level.  These tournaments are open to all Member Schools, irrespective of size or standard of play.  However, schools are reminded that, in applying to enter, the school takes on responsibilities and commitments to other schools and, where appropriate, the tournament sponsors who are investing in independent schools’ football.  Consequently, schools are expected to honour their commitments and respect the tournament. 
There has been concern recently that a small minority of schools have affected the quality of ISFA’s tournaments by their failure to observe the published rules and/or respect the appropriate courtesies towards their opponents.
In particular:
  • Completing accurately the Player Registration Form in advance of the tournament
  • Contacting opponents promptly to arrange matches on a date before the play-by date for the around
  • Arranging qualified, neutral match official(s) by the home school.
  • Providing a properly marked out pitch of respectable quality and with the correct dimensions.  Matches must be played at the home school’s sports field unless permission has been granted from ISFA.
  • Honouring the fixture and turning up in good time
  • Completing and returning the Match Report Form
  • Reporting of results to ISFA immediately after the game; brief report for website within 24 hours
IMPORTANT: ISFA wishes to make clear that, when schools fail to honour these commitments or fail to carry out administration to the appropriate standard, ISFA reserves the right to refuse entry into its tournament(s) in future years.  In particular, the tournament rules state that “except in exceptional circumstances, any school refusing or failing to fulfil a fixture will be suspended from future participation in the tournament for a period of not less than one year”.
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