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As a result of the current health crisis, the attention of all ISFA schools is drawn to the following arrangements for Cup Competitions in Season 2020-21.

ISFA anticipates that HM Government and The Football Association will at some point publish guidelines/regulations in relation to the return of grass roots football.  Subject to these, it is ISFA’s current intention is to play Cup Competitions next season.  However, no ISFA football will take place until it is possible to abide by the guidelines/regulations laid down.

PLAY-BY DATES - The current intention is to begin the Tournaments on time in September 2020, using the already advertised play-by dates, subject to the approval of and/or any conditions laid down by HM Government and/or The Football Association for the resumption of grass-roots football. In the event that playing in September is not possible, then the tournaments will be delayed and rounds put back but, as far as is possible, the existing published play-by dates will continue to be used. ISFA believes that it should be possible to complete the tournaments as long as they begin by November 2020. Cup Finals may take place in the early Summer Term 2021 (i.e. late April/early May).

DRAW – The Draw for the opening round(s) will be delayed, pending further information from the Government/The FA on conditions and a timetable for the return of grass roots football. ISFA recognises that some schools with their own health/safety concerns may wish to reassess and possibly withdraw at that point and this will be possible, with a refund of entry fee(s), up until the Draw for the First Round is made. However, once the First Round Draw is made, schools entered will be expected to honour their commitments and fulfil their fixtures.

ENTRY FEES – With regret, it will not be possible to include any school in any ISFA competition if the membership and tournament entry fee has not been paid.

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