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ISFA STRATEGY 2021-24 Featured

13 Aug 2021


ISFA has launched a brand new football strategy aimed at increasing participation across all formats of the game over the next 3 years. The strategy titled “Grow the Game” aims to further support the growth and development of football within the independent school sector by delivering on five strategic priorities; participation, competitions, curriculum, workforce, governance & safeguarding.

The last 5 years has seen huge growth in the number of teams within the ISFA membership and participating in ISFA competitions, and ISFA believes that the next 10 years represent a unique opportunity to further increase the playing of the game in the independent sector, due to a number of factors including ongoing demand for football from pupils and parents, an increasing demand for girls’ football, and a re-examination of sporting priorities post-covid.

ISFA Head of Football Operations Ian Bent is delighted with the progress made over the past 5 years and is confident this new strategy promises for an even brighter future for independent schools football. Ian said, “ISFA has done a wonderful job in growing all formats of the game over the recent years. We have seen a huge growth in the number of independent schools playing football, in the number of boys and girls teams, and in the number of pupils participating in ISFA competitions. The next few years provides us with further opportunities to continue to grow the game and further increase the number of people playing and enjoying football, and this strategy sets out clear targets and priorities for ISFA over the next three years to help us achieve our long term aims”.

To download a copy of the strategy please click here.

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